For me, the greatest
fulfillment is that I can amaze
and delight my audience
and allow them to tap into
the power of the mind.


My journey started as a young boy of about ten years old. I first realized that I was exceptionally intuitive when my friends and I played card tricks on one another. I thought we were all doing the same thing, but my friends were blown away when they realized that I wasn’t employing cheap tricks but actually read their body language. At that time, I thought I was doing magic. It took several years and many performances as a young magician for me to understand the difference between magic and mentalism. When I did, however, I began reading every possible book on the subject and further developed my skills.

Since discovering my passion and redirecting my career from magic to mentalism, I have performed in front of thousands of people, including celebrities and VIPs; my social media posts received millions of views; and I get to meet different people and travel to new places while doing what I love. For me, the greatest fulfillment is that I can amaze and delight my audience and allow them to tap into the power of the mind.